At Kava Pacificus, we assist our pacific neighbours to build their local capabilities and engage in the open market to make their local economies more self-sufficient.

Pacific islanders around a Kava bowl

The Pacific Island community and their way of life is unique and community orientated. Our goals are to help build resilience, grow economies, and enhance regional stability.

Throughout the journey of many of our board members, they understand the challenges for many pacific islanders transitioning to a western way of life and providing for their families.

For most pacific islanders residing in Australia, being part of a community group is vital to sustaining culture and identity but also supporting relatives. This model is not sustainable for the nations of the pacific and investment and development of local industries is the way of the future.

Our mission and goals are to…

  • Assist our pacific neighbours in business
  • Build local capabilities to engage in the open market
  • Grow economies and enhance regional stability
  • Promote responsible and ethical farming of crops
  • Provide quality products to Australians from the pacific
  • Increase awareness of pacific island culture and traditions
Kava Pacificus Leaf Background

Frequently asked questions

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is from publicly available literature and our own experiences related to Kava. Our Kava product is intended to be consumed as a social drink and should not be used to treat, cure, or prevent illness or disease. If you suffer from health issues, take medication, require treatment, or have any other concerns, we advise that you consult your GP if Kava can be safely consumed.

Kava is a crop native to the Pacific Islands, where the root of the plant is used to prepare a beverage that provides a mild sedative effect.

Kava Pacificus is organically grown and naturally harvested in Vava’u, Tonga, in the South Pacific Islands.

Kava is known for its mild sedative effects, and depending on the individual and amount of Kava consumed, the effect will differ between person to person. The common effects of Kava when consumed in moderation include a sense of overall physical and mental relaxation and tranquillity. Kava promotes restful sleep, muscle relaxation, and improve symptoms of pain.

Due to the effect of Kava, we advise to only consume in moderation as it may cause drowsiness.

There are several methods to prepare kava, and we provide the more traditional instructions on our bags.

  1. Measure 100 grams of Kava into a strainer bag
  2. Mix the Kava with 2 litres of water in a large bowl
  3. Once the Kava is well mixed, serve in a small bowl

Ensure to store the Kava root powder in a sealed bag or container and in a cool, dry place.

Kava root powder can last for several years when stored correctly, however, it can spoil due to moisture, heat and simply being too old. We include a best before date on all our bags as a guide. If the Kava does not taste as it should or smell mouldy, we advise to not consume it and purchase a fresh bag.

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